Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) 

Our SEND Team

Gail Blaker
Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator – ‘SENDCo’
Jo Costar
Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator – ‘SENDCo’ Assistant

Collaton St Mary Primary school is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each and everyone of our pupils. We will welcome and embrace your child into our school regardless of their physical, emotional, behavioural or learning needs. Our inclusive principles are implicit in our school Ethos and Learning values. Our guiding principle is one of Inclusion. We want to identify and break down possible barriers to learning. We also recognise that your child may be vulnerable because of the difficulties that they experience in class when learning. It is our duty to ensure that your child receives the best possible provision so that they, like all other learners, can realise their potential. We believe children with Special Educational Needs have a contribution to make and it is their right that we try to identify and nurture this. At Collaton we strive to look at children’s individual needs, create a curriculum that meets those needs and provide an environment that allows every child to fulfil their potential and flourish.

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