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Anti Bullying

"Any concerns raised with the school are dealt with and communicated effectively.
Policies are followed"

Parent comment on survey.

Our recent survey also showed 98% of our parents felt that the school deals effectively with bullying.  A number of parents commented on how happy their children were at our school.

Bullying at Collaton St Mary is unacceptable. The community of staff, parents and children all take bullying very seriously, and whenever an instance of bullying has been reported, the school community makes every effort to ensure that it is eradicated.

Instances of bullying at Collaton St Mary are thankfully rare. 

At our last OFSTED inspection the below comment was made:

"Pupils are knowledgeable about the difference between bullying and unkind behaviour. The school’s values of forgiveness and friendship support the typically good behaviour observed during the inspection. Pupils are confident that should bullying occur, ‘teachers in the school will sort it out’"

Whenever bullying behaviours have been reported to the school, we have always followed our policy meticulously, and have provided significant amounts of time and support to all involved.  Children who exhibit bullying behaviours are clear that bullying is not tolerated in any form.  

Children are encouraged to share their concerns, but if you have any please contact the Key Stage Leader or the Headteacher.  

Anti-Bullying Policy
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