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Our School Vision

Our school vision underpins everything we do at Collaton St. Mary 

Achieving and Flourishing in our Christian Community

It is at the core of everything we do and we encourage our pupils to be the best version of themselves. 

As a Church of England school, we work together to develop the character of our pupils so they can achieve and flourish. We explore 5 ‘Character Gateways’ throughout the year where pupils engender it in their actions and exemplify it in their learning journals.

Our character gateways are underpinned by biblical theology. These stories are pivotal in supporting our pupils understanding of our vision and are explored in depth during Acts of Worship and day- today learning. 


Our 5 Character Gateways consist of:

Citizenship  •  Leadership  •  Explorers  •  Expression  •  Flourishing 

good smaritan.png

The Good Samaritan exemplifies showing compassion and empathy for anyone

Nehemiahs drive.png

Nehemiah exemplifies drive through rebuilding Jerusalem

Tabitha Supports poor.png

Tabitha exemplifies showing compassion and empathy for those less fortunate.

moses leads his people.png

Moses exemplifies how to be a determined leader


David exemplifies how to inspire other through ‘heart’ rather than size

Jesus serves.png

Jesus exemplifies to serve others through integrity

parable of the talents.png

The parable of the talents exemplifies how to be ambitious

Jesus exemplifies.png

Jesus exemplifies how to do right – be our best

Learnfrom sins.png

Jesus exemplifies we can learn from our sins


The 5 daughters exemplify standing up for what you value

Learnfrom sins.png

Zacchaeus exemplifies how to be honest with yourself


The prodigal Son how to show forgiveness


The Widow’s Mite exemplifies how to give more

lost sheep.png

The story of the lost sheep exemplifies how we support those in need of support

through roof.png

‘Through the roof’ exemplifies how we support those close to us

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