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At Collaton, we believe that our innovative approach to outdoor education instills our children with a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

Due to the tireless efforts of Martin Dancer, our gardening volunteer, our kitchen garden has been transformed into a wonderful allotment in which the children are taught gardening skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. It is another tool that we use to reconnect the children to the natural world, as the children are able to follow their fruit and vegetables from seed to plate. They have a keen understanding of where food comes from and how to nurture the wide selection of produce which frequently appears on our school menu. Mr. Dancer’s gardening club has proved an excellent way of engaging pupils of all ages.  Gardening at Collaton is a great way for the children to work together, whilst boosting their self-esteem.  Our regular ‘Shoots, Roots and Leaves’ meetings are led by the children and are a great way for them to make sure that their ideas for the garden become a reality.

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