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Our Curriculum

At the heart of our curriculum lie three core values: pursuit of academic excellence; the explicit development of metacognition; and crucially, character education.

Academic Excellence

is fundamental within our curriculum model. The children’s acquisition of a deep body of knowledge within subject disciplines, will enable them to express their learning to the highest standard. When children achieve excellence, this gives them the confidence to challenge themselves further. Through this process of experiencing success, they will develop character, for example grit, determination, self-efficacy and courage.

Character Education

Whilst academic success remains a core priority, developing character is also an essential element of our curriculum model. Our curriculum gives children opportunities to make a positive impact on society. We want them to grasp the possibilities and opportunities of life beyond the classroom, to enable them to thrive at each and every challenge they face in life and make a difference to themselves and those around them.


Our curriculum not only focuses on achieving character whilst pursuing academic excellence, but also emphasises deep learning through developing the skills of metacognition. We use an enquiry approach to drive our learning experiences, making the reflective learning process explicit. In addition to this, tools for thinking will be taught to support children’s higher order thinking, synthesis of knowledge and creating of new thinking. However, metacognition can only be developed within a knowledge-rich curriculum.

At the heart of every school lies the curriculum. It defines ethos and culture and at the same time delivers the school mission, aims and values. The curriculum is every planned experience provided for all students and as such cannot be seen as a stand-alone document. Every lesson, break time, Collective worship, assembly, homework and other school events provide a real opportunity for the curriculum to be seen in practice.


If young people in our schools today are to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will assure them of future success, they need to have the confidence and ability to respond to changes around them. It’s a process of continuous learning and unlearning. In a world of exponential change, the need for innovation, borne out of reflection and evaluation, becomes increasingly more important.


A successful curriculum therefore is not just a curriculum for the here and now but a curriculum that prepares young people for the future. A curriculum where knowledge and academic progress is built on character values and the ability to take on new learning and make connections. This is the zone of true learning innovation - where nurtured talents, passion and discovery meet life changing experiences. And all of this is fed by deep, rich knowledge through the curriculum.

Our vision is character education driven by values with an embedded mission of Achieving Excellence through cultivating character, sharing talents and pursuing innovation.

We will engender a passion for uncompromising excellence. As educators, we will inspire those around us with our passion and desire to be the best version of ourselves.

We believe that our children should understand the importance of citizenship and service to their local community and beyond, having had many opportunities to build connections with the elderly and to volunteer within the community. They will understand the difference they can make – positively or negatively – to the world around them. They will foster a sense of community, compassion recognising that we are stronger together.

The learning experiences they receive from the very start of school to the end of primary education will enable them to fulfil this mission of excellence in character education.

Academic success remains a priority but its achievement comes from all of life’s lessons and fulfilling every possible potential. Our commitment to achieving excellence through academic success should run parallel to the development of children’s character to prepare them for later life. Ultimately, our aim is to nurture a lifelong thirst for learning.

Through our gateways to learning - citizenship, leadership, exploration, flourishing and expression - our curriculum will provide memorable and inspiring experiences that enable all to excel and gain insight into their own unique interests, gifts and talents.

These experiences not only focus on academic excellence but we are determined they should provide deep learning through developing the skills of metacognition. An enquiry approach underpins all of our learning experiences through teaching tools for thinking. Through each learning experience, there will be a focus on getting better as a learner through this knowledge rich curriculum.

Opportunities to incorporate writing in a real-life context will be taken to encourage independent writing. Handwriting, grammar and spelling are essential skills which the children will demonstrate with great flair in the many opportunities we give them to write.

To deepen their learning, every opportunity will be taken to enrich the curriculum by providing memorable experiences through access to experts and visits. Our children will be immersed in the experience of being a historian, scientist or writer, perhaps developing a passion that will inform their future lives.

In a world where communication is crucial, we prioritise supporting our young people to become confident and articulate speakers having had the opportunity to work with experts and refine these skills through public speaking and presentation. Immersion in a school culture that prioritises cultivating character alongside academic success, will enable our children to flourish. The learning experiences they receive from the very start of school to the end of primary education will catapult them to success in higher education and life.

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