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  • Ben Nelson-Smith

Storm Eunice - School Open Friday 18th February

Dear Families,

As you are aware, Torbay is in an Amber weather warning due to the arrival of storm Eunice. You may have heard that some schools have made the decision to close due to this.

I have completed a site inspection this morning and the school grounds are as normal. We will remain open at present and continue to follow the guidance around the amber alert.

I would like to offer our families a slightly more flexible start to the day to ensure that everyone travels safely to school:

- The side gate (by Year 6) and the rear field gate will open at 8.30 today allow families and children to access shelter at the back of the classrooms earlier.

- We will not be marking pupils as late for late arrivals today.

- We understand some parents may choose not to travel today and we will not question that. We ask that you still call the school office so we know your child is safe.

Please stay safe and we will continue to ensure the children are kept safe in school.

Kind Regards,

Mr Nelson-Smith

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