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Miss Nicky Postlethwaite 

I was fortunate to begin my teaching career working at Collaton St Mary and after five years I moved to Worcestershire where I taught a mixed EYFS/Y1/Y2 class. After having my first daughter we moved back to Torbay and I was lucky to be able to come back to join the Collaton family! I have now been back here for an additional 11 years adding one more daughter to our home along the way! I have taught throughout EYFS and Key Stage 1 and love teaching the younger children and getting to know them and their families as they flourish and move through the school. Outside of school I try to keep fit by being part of a running group and if I have a spare few minutes I like to read and bake (although this counteracts the running!) I love spending time with my wider family and love that my girls are growing up alongside their cousins in a lovely part of the world.

Both of my daughters have their own interests so, like many parents, my weekends are largely spent at dance classes or on a netball court side line!

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