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Year 2 Home Learning

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the first week of home learning!

This is a very strange and unknown time for us all; I have been teaching for many years but have never known anything like this. However, I know that we will find strength with each other and our children will learn resilience and how to overcome challenges.

Last week I sent out brown envelopes for home learning. Some of this will be referred to in the online learning posted on the year 2 section of the school website (for example the fractions maths and the spelling/handwriting). The rest of the work are ‘fillers’ to fall back on when needed which address some of the objectives within the year 2 curriculum (or the one your child is working within). There are reading comprehension activities which are similar to Accelerated Reader and spotter sentences for key word spellings.

The maths work set each day is intended to go into the maths books sent home. Initially these will be the fractions work sent home (there will be some video links posted on the website to support this), but this may look different after the Easter holidays. The first 2 lessons on the website have already been covered in class, but may need a quick recap, particularly if your child has been away. In class the children have similar questions to these but they are cut up to give the children chance to show their explanations and reasoning. However if it is easier to stick in the whole sheet, this is fine.

The Learning Experience work set on the website should be done in the green learning journals sent home. In class the children have planted and brought home a seed which will be part of their learning. There are some sheets in their green books which will be referred to in the daily tasks where there will be explanations; they are not meant to be done all at the same time!

If your child has been off school there is a pack of books and a plant available at the school office if someone is able to come and collect them on your child’s behalf.

We recommend starting the day with the Joe Wicks PE workout which is every day at 9am on his YouTube channel…we can all do this together!

This is a steep learning curve for us all! I am more than happy to support you via email and will be checking several times a day in case there is anything I can do to help. I have also said to the children that they can send me an email if they wish to (and you’re happy for them to) and I will reply.

Best wishes, keep safe.

Miss Postlethwaite

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