Mrs Bev Jackson


I returned to teach at Collaton in September 2019, after spending 13 years teaching at Brixham C of E Primary, prior to that I taught at Collaton from 1997-2006.


I have a passion for teaching children in the early stages of their educational journey; children are naturally inquisitive and their instinctive curiosity and thirst for new learning is what makes every day as a teacher so exciting and unpredictable. Outside of teaching, I am also a qualified counsellor, I also like to play the clarinet and am a member of Spectrum Windband (although I am on a temporary break from this as full-time teaching is my focus at the moment). I enjoy keeping fit and attend several classes a week at the local leisure centre. I have two adult children and love to walk my dog (Pepper), we especially enjoy the many local coastal walks available to us.

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